Biofuels Infographic – A Positive Alternative Renewable Energy Resource


We often get asked the same question a lot and that is if Biofuels are a positive alternative sustainable energy resource and we think the answer is yes. While traditional fueling methods have worked in the past due to a variety of reasons they are no longer feasible as we look towards the future. When it comes to the energy sources of tomorrow we need to discover more environmentally and renewable options that favor longevity and a healthy ecology. If you do not believe in biofuels we encourage any and everyone to do the research. A great place to start is this wonderfully illustrated infographic derived from an interview with Heather Young. Lets take a look at some of the statistics and numbers that make biofuel such an appealing alternative energy option.

Biofuels By The Numbers #1: Can Meet 30% of Liquid Fuel Demand In 25 Years

That is a pretty amazing number when you think about it. That means Biofuels would almost be able to replace half the liquid fuel used in a mere 30 years or so and with all the electric vehicles and alternative energy solutions we have to think these numbers could may even accelerate. This shows we do not have to rely on foreign interests nearly as much as we once did giving us more freedom and options to power our lives how we want and that usually means cheaper and more effective solutions.

Biofuels By The Numbers #2: 4.6 Million Hectares of Sugarcane Produced 27 Billion Liters of Ethanol

This number really highlights the fact that when it comes to Biofuels a little can go along way. That is the beauty of Biofuel. It is efficient and effective and can scale up in ways that most alternative energy sources can not. Biofuels can take available resources and create new and better resources at very little cost or detriment to current systems. The infographic notes that when handled correctly Biofuels can reduce greenhouse emissions of transportation fuels by as much as 80% and the fact that only a small amount of resources are needed to make a huge impact is what makes this energy source so great.

Biofuels By The Numbers #3: 7 of 10 California Landfill Items Are Considered Organic

We really like this infographic stat because it shows the potential of Biofuels. There are clearly still a lot of untapped sources that we are not even considering and energy created from landfill waste may be one of them. Being environmentally sustainable is all about recycling and reusing and Biofuels due to there nature give us an opportunity to do just that. Just imagine we could leverage all this extra unused waste and turn it into energy. That would be pretty incredible to see in action.

Think Biofuels are the energy of the future? We would love to hear your feedback.